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Wart, Mole, Skin Tag Removal Pictures

Facial Moles – Skin Moles – Chest Moles – Underarm Moles (Axilla) – Head Moles – Arm Moles

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Rachel’s Before and After Facial Mole Pictures

Of course the before pics I had just washed my face and do not have one stitch of make up on… NICE!!! I do have concealer on the mole areas, so you cannot see the redness.

Rachel's Skin Mole on her Forehead Prior to Removal Treatment   Rachel's Skin Mole on her Forehead Removed with Wart Mole Vanish Cream
Rachel's Skin Mole Prior to Removal Treatment   Rachel's Skin Mole Removed with Wart Mole Vanish Cream
Rachel's Facial Mole on Upper Lip Prior to Removal Treatment   Rachel's Facial Mole on Upper Lip After Removal Treatment with Wart Mole Vanish Cream

Thank you Jamie so much for such a wonderful product!! I still have some red spots but they seem to get lighter every day. I am applying a scar cream to them to help with any scars that might be left. I removed 3 moles from my face that had bothered me for quite some time. With having 2 babies the hormones from pregnancy seemed to make them bigger with each pregnancy. My moles were always the first thing I noticed in pictures and I hated them!! Granted I still have a few more to get rid of, I am extremely happy with the results of the 3 that I did remove. They were all 3 good size and they only took ONE treatment each!! I started on 7/1/06 and it stung a little bit but nothing bad, they all turned black within 30 or so minutes. One got a little swollen but after a day or so it was fine. I was of course hoping that they would fall off within 7 days, but they took longer.. the first one fell off on 7/13, then next 7/14 and the last 7/17. I applied Vitamin E oil to them faithfully during the scabbing process and after they fell off. Like I said before the areas are still a little red but that is getting better. I don’t know if the redness will completely go away (HOPE HOPE HOPE) but if I have to wear a little concealer (which I do) for a while than that is no comparison to the moles that I hated for so many years!!!

I will praise your product to many and buy more for my additional moles that I would like removed. My sister’s wedding is in 3 weeks and this was the main reason I chose to remove them, for wedding pics!!! I didn’t want them in them pictures. So needless to say I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER!!

—-FOLLOWUP 01-09-2007—-

Before and After Photos of Rachel's 5 Facial Moles
(click for bigger image)

You know I had actually forgotten how much I HATED my moles until I looked at the before pics!! It has been since July on the forehead, above lip and bottom of chin one and I only have a small mark where the one above the lip used to be, the others you can’t even tell they were ever there. This product is amazing!! I have since recommended it to several friends who have used it also. I decided to use it again on the 2 moles I had on left side of my chin, I admit I wasn’t as diligent with the healing on those that I was with the others, you can see a little redness on them still, I don’t know if it will fade with time or if it was because I didn’t apply mederma & Vit E like I did with the 1st 3. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with your product and couldn’t recommend it any HIGHER than I already have!! I am just amazed, it is a miracle in a jar!! It has done wonders for my self esteem. After having 2 babies back to back, my moles from all the hormone rages just grew and I HATED them sooo much, now that they are gone I feel like a new person!! I know I still have other moles, but I like those ones, they add character… Gotta have some Beauty marks!! I just no longer wanted the BIG DIPPER on my face.

Thank you so much again for a wonderful product. If anyone wants to ask me any questions about it, feel free to give them my email address.

-Thompsons Station, TN

Rikki’s Before & After Facial Mole Pictures

October 20, 2007

Hey Pristine!
I am so incredibly impressed already, I can’t tell you! I’m still in the healing process, but I was so excited that I want to order more of this great product right away! I was shocked at how little came with my last order but a little is all it took! I’ve treated 4 on my face alone and my sister used the stuff on 3 on her face and one on her midsection. And there’s still some left! We’re both on the mend (it’s only been a week now) but I can hardly wait to get some more so I can share it with two other sisters and my mother :)

I heard of this product some time ago but the cost initially held me back. Also I figured it would only be enough for one or two moles on my face, so I sought out other less expensive products that I thought would help. I bought an essential oil blend for moles and also Dermatend. They may work for some people, but didn’t do jack for me! Your product, howeve, works just like you claim it will! WOW!

I have a page on www.facebook.com, and once I heal completely I will put up an album called “Un-beauty marked” so I can encourage others to use mole/wart vanish. Let me tell you, these moles had such a negative impact on my self-esteem! I’m SO EXCITED to find something that works!
Rikki, a very happy repeat customer from Canada :)


Hi Rikki, wow what a great testimonial! I love hearing this! With your permission I’ll post this as soon as you send a follow up when they have healed. I recommend you use pure NATURAL vitamin E oil to help the healing process along. Thanks so much! Jamie


Hey Jamie :) I just got your message. Thanks, I sure didn’t expect to hear from anyone, much less the head honcho, haha:) I sure will send a follow up and I will be more than happy for you to use my testimonial! Thank YOU Jamie for coming out with this great product! TTYL, Rik:)

[ Click on photos below for bigger image. ]
Rikki's Mole October 13, 2007.
Before using wart/mole vanish.

I will not miss my “beauty marks”. “Beauty marks”…who comes up with these names anyway?!
Rikki's Mole I (carefully) used the stuff on my left eyelid. I left out the “day after” picture, in which my eye was a bit swollen. Kinda looked like I got smacked in the face! Haha:)
Rikki's Mole Side shot “before”.
Rikki's Mole November 1st, After using wart/mole vanish.

Rikki's Mole I am very happy with how this stuff worked for me! I hesitated to buy the product for about a year after I heard about it. It seemed too expensive and I thought the kit would only be enough for a couple on my face. Very little comes in one order, but VERY little goes a LONG way! One kit was enough to treat 13 moles (some on myself and I let my sister use some also). I gotta say, this stuff was worth every cent!
Rikki's Mole No, I’m not nodding off, haha:) That pesky mole is gone from my eyelid :)
Rikki's Mole I am a lot happier with my left profile now :)

Gotta add that I tried two less expensive products this past year that were a waste of my time and money :p Sometimes it pays to spend a bit more for something that works. And this stuff is definately worth it! :) :)

Check out Rikki’s Facebook Profile and pictures here!
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Once logged in, click on her name “Rikki Fougere” to view her profile
Click on the link in the upper left hand corner labeled “View photos of Rikki”
Look for the photo album labeled “Un-marked ;) ”.

Chery’s Son’s Plantar Wart

Cheryl Plantar Wart

Hi Jamie,
We spoke about two weeks ago about my 8 year old son’s plantar wart. Thank you for coaching me to dig deep. Eleven days ago I cut away much of the wart using cuticle cutters. Lots of blood came out. When the bleeding stopped, I applied the cream – it turned black – not a lot of stinging was felt. I wiped off the cream after 20 minutes and did some more cutting, when bleeding ceased, applied the cream again and watched it turn black – stinging was felt but only for a minute or two.

We thought we were on our way to destroying the wart but it never really scabbed over. There were little scabs inside the wart area but nothing indicates that the whole thing will fall off any time soon. There is probably enough cream left for one more treatment – do you think I should do 2 or 3 more in addition? You mentioned you could possibly submit a warranty claim – let me know if you want me to take a photo. We just want to get rid of this thing!

—-2nd Letter—-

Hi Jamie,
Just wanted to touch back with you about my son’s foot that is now happily wart free. Thank you for coaching me twice over the phone. It took about 6 weeks for the wart and dead skin to fall off (leaving quite a cavern in his foot) and then much to our surprise, only 3 days to completely heal over. That was about 6 months ago – no sign of any recurrence. We are very impressed with this product and the support that came along with it.

With Much Gratitude, C. Green and Son


Hi Cheryl,
That’s great news! Your son must be very happy :) Can I ask you to send me an after photo please? :)

Also Cheryl, can you leave me an Amazon “Customer Review” This would really help me :) Please login to your Amazon account and search for Wart Mole Vanish, click on the picture of the product (blue WMV box) then click on “customer reviews” (# customer reviews) and then “Create your own review”.
Thanks so much Cheryl,

Pamela’s Before and After Chest Mole Pictures

Chest mole Photo   Chest mole Photo applied with Wart Mole Vanish Remover Cream   Chest Mole Removal Photo after application with Wart Mole Vanish Cream
Hi Jamie,

These are the moles on my left chest. I will send the rest of the pictures (moles on my legs) when the scab come off itself. I am happy of the result as far as the outcome on my chest. I don’t see any scar at all. Thank you.

Pamela Godwin
-Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Before and After Underarm Skin Tag Pictures

Photo of Underarm (Axilla) Skin Tag   Photo of Underarm (Axilla) Skin Tag Treated with Wart Mole Vanish Cream
Photo of Underarm (Axilla) Skin Tag Treated for 20 Minutes with Wart Mole Vanish Cream   Photo after 3 Days of Destroyed Underarm (Axilla) Skin Tag Treated with Wart Mole Vanish Cream

Before and After Head Mole Pictures

Large Raised Mole on Scalp – 1/2″ diameter, 3/8″ raised

Head Mole Treatment Photo with Wart Mole Vanish Cream   Next Day Photo of Head Mole Removal Treatment
Head Mole Removal Treatment Photo After 3 Weeks   Head Mole Excised Naturally by Wart Mole Vanish Cream

Jason’s Before and After Arm Wart Pictures

Jason is a good friend of ours who had a wart about the size of a pencil’s eraser on his arm. As you can see we applied Wart Mole Vanish and after about 3 weeks, all that was left of it was hardly visible.

Photo of Arm Mole Before Removal with Wart Mole Vanish Photo of Arm Mole During Removal Treatment with Wart Mole Vanish Cream Photo Showing Desctruction and Virtual Elimination of Arm Mole Wart Mole Vanish Removal Treatment
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bigger image
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Shirley’s Before and After Back Mole Pictures

Photo of Back Mole   Photo of Back Mole
Photo of Back Mole   Photo of Back Mole
Photo of Back Mole   Photo of Back Mole
Photo of Back Mole   Photo of Back Mole
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Shirley’s Before and After Skin Tag Pictures

Skin Tag Before   Skin Tag During
Skin Tag After 1   Skin Tag After 1
Skin Tag After 4   Skin Tag Close Up
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Nikki’s Face Mole Removal

You guys changed my life!
I have had a really big mole on my forehead for about 14yrs. It was always lowering my self esteem, I couldn’t do my hair certain ways, or even carry on a conversation without thinking that everyone was starring. I tried Wart & Mole Vanish and it worked!! It really worked. It took two treatments but now it is completely gone. I am so happy now! Thank you guys so much!
~Nikki, IN

Nikki Face Mole 1   Nikki Face Mole 2
Nikki Face Mole 3   Nikki Face Mole 4
Nikki Face Mole 5   click photos for
bigger image
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Jenni’s Before and After Facial Mole Pictures

I bought this stuff about 5 months ago…it worked great! I had 5 moles on my face and two of them were so big they needed a second application…I do have a slight scar/red mark where the mole was but nothing a little bit of cover up doesn’t hide…I feel so much better and look so much better as well! The redness and scars go away with time…I wouldn’t pick the scab though because it takes longer to heal and may leave a bigger mark…I actually put band-aids over the treated areas and the scabs fell off within 10 days, then I put neosporin on them until they fully healed and I feel and look GREAT!!!I am ordering more of this stuff for some moles on my back I want removed…

I have bragged so much about this product and how much prettier I feel because I do not have the huge moles on my face anymore…you can barely see the marks on my face and like I said nothing that a little dab of makeup won’t fix! Sure beats trying to cover up big ugly moles…my kids are always saying how much “prettier” I am and I feel that way as well…

Jenni Before and After Facial Moles   Jenni Before and After Facial Moles
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wart mole skin tag customer testimonials  Customer Testimonials     Read more testimonials »
  • I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for such a great product! I will surely refer the Wart Mole Vanish to friends and family. It's very difficult today to find a product that actually delivers what it promises (even ones that offer guarantees), but WMV delivered right on the money. I removed 6 moles and it worked just like it is advertised to. Thanks again!

    Jamie Shallow - SUAMICO, WI
  • Many thanks for a fantastic product that i have used successfully time and time again! (First purchase: 3-10-07) I now have removed over 50 moles both on my face and body and feel great about it! I had very expensive laser done on some moles on my face, thinking it would be better done by a doctor, but i have a mark left where it was done and a couple came back after a few weeks! With your product, not only they're all gone, but the scaring is really minimal and in some cases, no longer visible! I have recommended it to many of my friends, one of which who needs to have it done on her face, that tells you how much i trust this product!!! Hated my face for 35years because of over 15 moles on it, and now, they're all gone and i couldn't be happier about the results. Thanks you so much for changing my life. Kind regards.
    ----FOLLOWUP (12-1-07) ----
    No Jamie, i did not take any pictures, i honestly didn't have much hope, plus i hated my moles so much that i would not have pictures taken of me anyway. But yes, go ahead and post my testimonial, after all it is thanks to other's testimonials that i made up my mind and decided to order that great product!!! So thank you so much to you and all your team, but also to all the people out there who were willing to share their experiences. regards.

    Laurence, UK
  • I ordered wart mole vanish honestly unsure of the outcome. I am glad to say 'WoW" lol. I had a few skin tags and a couple warts to remove and your product works flawlessly honestly I was thinking I was going to need several applications and I was not going to be part of group that gets them removed with one easy application if at all. Well here I am saying that this purchase has not left a sour taste in my mouth but a good feeling that only a product that under promises and over delivers can. thanks so much hopefully I wont get any more skin tags or warts but if I do there is only one link bookmarked in my browser. :)

    Tim, San Bernardino
  • I had to say I was a bit skeptical about any mail-order products because I've had surgery (left a small but noticeable scar) and laser surgery (not very effective, needs multiple treatments) so the cream was my last resort.

    I tried your product on a noticeably raised mole at the base of my neck which was hidden from view but bothered me. All the symptoms occurred, a stinging sensation and a scab... after 10 days the scab rubbed off and there was NOTHING there. No trace except for pinkish mark where the scab was. I am sold. I wish I never paid for the laser treatment as this was so much more effective. I have a number of smaller moles on my face I will be reordering to treat but I just have to say you can't go wrong here for the cost of one treatment of a laser that to me is ineffective.

    Kimo, HI
  • Hi Jamie, thanks for your email regarding wmv purchase. This will be my fourth batch ordered, and it just gets better! Had many reservations after trying many supposed items out there on the market, all of which, had little or no impact on mole removal. So on seeing your website, the great presentation, and reasonable price I thought why not give it a try! Boy am I glad I did, because the fact this is a natural herbal product, I still cannot believe the effect it has on removing moles, usually in one application!

    I first spoke to Ken at your uk branch, and he was fantastic at talking me through every aspect of wmv. In my opinion, through many experiences, good customer relations is crucial in encouraging people to make the decision to buy a product, and I have to say, yours is second to none. As I said, this is now my fourth order, and the more you use it, the more confident you are on how to use it. Being someone who has lots of small, flat freckly moles, I have found that the needle you supply for warts seems to work much better at penetrating these moles, think I was being much to soft on them first time round! Anyway I would just like to say a big thank you to you and all who are involved with your product. You deserve every success, and have greatly improved many peoples confidence and well being worldwide. Please feel free to use this email amongst your ever growing testimonials, and I will continue to purchase, your genius product! All the best.

    Andrew Huston, UK
  • Imagine the ugliest, porous, raised mole that looks an awful lot like a black fly landed on your nostril... and died. That's what my mole looked like and it had bothered me for YEARS!!! As a print model, imperfections such as a witch's mole deters photographers from working with you. Airbrushing every picture costs time and money. It started out small, then it got bigger every year. Makeup couldn't hide it!

    For my New Year's Resolution, I promised to do something about it. The dermatologist estimated a down-time that was just not acceptable. Out of desperation, I ordered Your Wart & Mole Vanish. I guess I was so giddy, I sanded the mole too hard. OUCH! But it helped the cream penetrate. I anticipated more pain, but it was only a slight sting. The first day, it looked scary! (I highly recommend placing yourself under house arrest for the first 2 days if you're treating a large mole on your face.) On the 3rd day, the scab shrank. By the first week, the scab was lose and fell off while I was washing my face. I was able to attend an award ceremony 8 days after initiating treatment with only a miniscule mark to cover up!!!!!

    I wouldn't have trusted my face with any other product. If I see any woman with an ugly mole, I'll pin her down and apply Wart Mole Vanish! She'll thank me later!

    Megan from Las Vegas, NV
  • Hi Jamie, I removed skin tags around my neck and small and large moles around my face. I had so many that it was unattractive. I have used Wart Mole Vanish several times now, and I think I removed at least 30-40 moles and skin tags. I did not have problems with scaring and the scabs fell off within 3 days. I also used "Mederma" to prevent any scaring. I am especially pleased that you have the combo packages and you are based in the US. Your quick response to my order and the time that it arrived to my home was very satisfying. I actually received my shipment 2 days after I placed the order. I will continue to purchase your product as I have a few more moles to remove. I still haven't used the papaya extract but I will inform you of my results. Once again, I can't thank you enough for your great customer service.

    Maria - Ewa Beach, HI
  • My God! It actually works! In the scabbing phaze. 2 have fallen off. They were so deep, I thought they'd need afew times, but they were killed out right. WIERD!!! How does it work? How was it discovered? I have felt so concious, being blessed with around 90+ moles on my face and body. My face bothered me the most, and a big mole on my head. I'd need alot more Wart Mole Vanish pots and alot of time to remove them all but started with face and head. AMAZING! Looking forward to my clear complexion for the first time in my life. This will TOTALLY improve my confidence. You can publish this if you want.

    Sovra, UK
  • I just want to tell you what a great product you have. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but was searching the internet and came upon your site. I have removed many moles from my body, and love the results. Everything is a little pink after the scabs fall off, but it is improving every day. I had a few moles on my face that I have always been self-conscious about, and now they are all gone. I love it, thanks again!

    H. Webber, Michigan
  • Hello your stuff works great my warts were gone in 3 days. i tryed other products for months and nothing work as quick as pristine. i will tell my friends. Thank you.

    Pierre Lemieux, Michigan
  • Un freakin' believable! THIS stuff is a miracle. Thank you. Easy instructions, minimal pain and awesome results. It's only been 3 weeks and the area is virtually invisible. Thank you again.
    Hi Kathy, I love to hear these great comments!! What did you treat?
    I had a mole on the left side of my forehead, which everyone claimed was my 'beauty mark'. It wasn't huge, but I wanted it gone. I did the 2 20 min. applications and everything happened just as the instructions said it would happen. The second application was pretty intense, but anything was better than a needle and scalpel..... I've been taking a vitamin E capsule and putting the oil on my mark every night and let me tell you, the mark is virtually gone. I'll be surprised if there's a scar. All I can say is do what the instructions say and you'll be more than pleased!

    Kathy Day, Alliance, NE
  • Hi James; I used your product about a week and a half ago and it is truly amazing. I removed 21 skin tags with one kit! This cream is truly a miracle... I would be interested in some information on how I could become a distributor in Canada. Thanks very much

  • BEST WART REMOVER PERIOD!!!! I am wart free...thank you.

    James J., Fairview Park, OH
  • I feel more confident b/c of this product. 3rd purchase now. Love it!!!

    Jennifer, ID
  • Hi Jamie! This time, 23 moles're gone! All mole! Even big one! Total 44 moles gone!

    NW, Culver City, California
  • Great item, this stuff really works! Very fast international shipping, thanks!

    Becky, U.K.
  • Jamie, I have to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was very shy before about my appearance especially my face. I could not put the make up on thick enough. Now I do not really even have to wear make up only to give me some color. You have completely changed my outlook on life. You are a god sent. Now I am going to attack my arms and if I need more I will be back. I should give your info to my dermatologist. They charge too much. You have saved me hundreds of dollars. Thanks again.

    Jennifer, Idaho

    Jim B
  • I used your product on 2 skin tags and 8 moles and they all fell off within a week. With just a slight mark left. Great product.It saved me hundreds at the doctors. I definately will tell everyone about it and place more orders in the near future. Again thank-you.

    Diana Wall
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