About Syringoma

What is a Syringoma?

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Syringomas are little bumps that are found on the face and around the eyes, typically under the eyes. They are benign (not life threatening) and produced by the sweat glands.

  • Syringomas are skin-colored or yellowish small dermal papules. A papule is a small piece of elevated skin that is solid to the touch and conical in shape.
  • Syringomas can be translucent or cystici (cyst-like).
  • The surface of Syringomas can be round or flat.
  • Syringomas are typically small in size, less than 3mm in diameter.
  • Syringomas are distributed on the skin symmetrically and are typically clustered.
  • Syringomas are most commonly located in the upper cheeks and lower eyelids.
  • Syringomas can also be found on the armpit (axilla), chest, abdomen, penis and vulva.
  • Syringomas often occur by chance and there could be hereditary consequences.
  • Syringomas can be linked with Downs syndrome. Clear cell syringomas may be associated with diabetes mellitus.
  • Eruptive Syringomas have been found to be common among African Americans and Asians.

Directions for Syringoma

You must treat each individual syringoma separately. Many people have clusters of syringoma. Do not treat a whole cluster. Treat only a few in the cluster at a time. (Ones that are not touching each other) The reason for this is so that you don’t treat such a large area at one time. If you treat only individual syringomas it will heal faster with less chance of doing any damage to your skin.

Please read the syringoma instructions for more details.